Building Heights Strategy and Protected Local Views


Dalston Height Strategy & Important Local Views

Hackney’s Local Plan,  LP33 states that taller buildings are defined as:

  • any building or structure which is taller than its neighbours (50% taller than the prevailing building height);

  • any building that significantly changes the skyline;

  • or any building that is 30 metres or more in height. 

In Dalston and the surrounding area, the prevailing building height is between 3-5 storeys, as outlined in the Borough-wide Characterisation Study. Therefore a ‘taller building’ is anything above 6 storeys. Proposals for ‘taller buildings’ must comply with Policy LP1 Taller Buildings of LP33.

The draft Plan identifies that there is opportunity for taller buildings within Dalston, however the location of these should be carefully considered. The map below sets out the key considerations for taller buildings in Dalston. The design guidance for each of the 10 opportunity sites provides further guidance on the heights considered appropriate on each site. Very tall buildings are not considered to be appropriate, due to the impact on the setting of heritage assets, the impact of overshadowing to the character of Ridley Road, and the impact to Important Local Views.

Important Local Views


Hackney’s Local Plan, LP33, sets out that the Council will protect important local views and that new development must not harm them. The draft Plan identifies six Important Local Views in Dalston. To view and comment on the identified Important Local Views, see below. 

For more information see Part 5 (Character Areas and Opportunity Site) of the draft Dalston Plan available to download here

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