About the Draft Dalston Plan


About the Draft Dalston Plan

The Dalston Plan is a new set of dedicated planning guidelines (called a Supplementary Planning Document or SPD) which aims to shape the future of Dalston based on what the local community has told us about the area.

Since the Towards a Dalston Plan consultation in 2020, we have been working to further develop objectives, themed strategies and site proposals for the town centre as well as a clear delivery plan on how and when any improvements will happen.

The Dalston Plan will set out how we intend to deliver on feedback of the local community and ensure a fair recovery from the pandemic for Dalston, including:

  • Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is well-loved and should be protected
  • The unique shopping offer gives Dalston its character and is preferred over larger chains
  • Dalston’s buildings of heritage value should be retained
  • Ridley Road Market must be protected
  • The shift towards sustainable transport, especially walking and cycling is supported 
  • Dalston's workspace should be affordable for local people 
  • Genuinely affordable housing is required
  • The current arts, culture and night-time economy should be supported
  • Interventions are needed in areas that experience anti-social behaviour

Draft Dalston Plan 

You can download the full draft Dalston Plan here:

Low resolution.

- High resolution. (Downloading this version will require an extensive amount of data).


A summary document can be downloaded here.

Have your say

This consultation is your opportunity to tell us what you think about the draft objectives, character areas and 10 opportunity sites in the Dalston Plan and let us know if we have missed anything out. We will be holding local events to talk to you and get your feedback.

To provide comments, just click on a tile or click below on the specific section and follow the questions you want to visit. Within each tile, you can also download PDFs of the relevant section of the draft Plan in case you need to review anything.

Alternatively, you can also download the full draft Dalston Plan here and email us feedback at planmaking@hackney.gov.uk or call 020 8356 1739.

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